Tennis at its best

The Legends Team Cup-ATP Champions Tour is a new thrilling team competition series among tennis superstars that have been ranked top 20 in the world. The Legends Team Cup will see two teams of tennis legends competing against each other across three action-packed, competitive tournaments in exclusive destinations across the world to win the prestigious prize of one Million euros. To guide the two teams will be the eight-time Grand Slam winner Ivan Lendl and Wimbledon Champion Pat Cash. They both have already made spectators dream and move countless times and this tournament will be the ultimate fight between these two legendary athletes.

  • The most iconic players

  • Two rival teams

  • Three Luxury venues

  • The biggest legends ever

  • One Winner

Events 2022

August 1-3 Pula-Istria Amphitheater, Croatia
September 15 – 18 To be announced
November 9-12 To be announced

Legends Team Cup will be a unique marketing platform for luxury brands and a unique series of iconic superstars.

Each event will be broadcasted worldwide for 22 hours.

Exclusive icons, for exclusive brands and the world’s best entertainment.

The entire program will be released soon.

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