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World Ocean Foundation

We want the future generation to experience healthy oceans

A non-profit organization founded in 2021 with a mission to ensure healthy oceans around the world focusing on solution-oriented and cost-effective projects with measurable impact.

”Our clear mission is to make a noticeable difference to the world’s oceans until 2035. We want the future generation to experience healthy oceans and a life where the world’s oceans become as natural and inspiring an environment as it has been for ourselves.”

The goal for the World Ocean Foundation ™️ is to allocate 100 million Euros by 2035 to research-supported projects that on a large scale change the situation in the world oceans. Luxurious lifestyle and sustainability is not contradictory. The foundation wants to show that it is very possible to combine an extraordinary lifestyle with a strong sense of responsibility.
The World Ocean Foundation ™️ will own and lease two 40-meter-long Wally Yachts. These unique sailboats are some of the most luxurious and sustainable yachts in the world. Renting the boats, together with funds from other co-founders and fundraisers, will be important for the foundation.

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